Lara Costafreda works by developing illustration projects and creative direction for publications, brands, and agencies internationally. At the same time, she promotes social impact projects related to immigration, racism, peace culture, environmentalism, and social justice, among others.

Educated in fashion design and plastic arts between Barcelona, London (Central Saint Martins) and Rio de Janeiro, she has a postgraduate degree in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication from EINA University of Design and has written a theoretical research thesis on The reason for Catalonia’s boom in illustration at BAU Design College.

She has given workshops and talks on visual communication at universities and design festivals in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Portugal, and is a regular lecturer at BAU, LCI and Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

As an illustrator, her ecologically based work is a love letter to nature. She has worked for brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Amnesty International, and Vogue Magazine, among many others.

As a designer for social change, she participates in the creation of projects that address urgent societal issues, taking advantage of the different tools, processes, and spaces offered by the design and visual communication system to create artistic projects capable of generating a real and positive impact on a specific aspect of society. The Volem Acollir (Welcome Refugees) campaign, the Top Manta clothing brand of the Barcelona street vendors, and the transformation of the radiotherapy treatment plant at Lleida Hospital are a few examples.


Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, Marie Claire Magazine, Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Carolina Herrera, Shanghai Fashion Week, Heineken, Amnistia Internacional,  Pepe Jeans, Red Magazine (UK), Ohlalá Magazine (Argentina), IFC Mall Shanhai, Lunwerg Editorial, Coodonné, Balliu, Editorial Gustavo Gili, Vino Afortunado, Motel One, Joid’art, etc.



  • Networking Odisseu 2022 / Consell Comarcal Segrià (Catalonia)
  • Viladona 2022 (Catalonia)


  • Networking Odisseu 2021 / Consell Comarcal Segrià (Catalonia)
  • CONCA_Lab3: Return and gratification experiences (Catalonia)
  • Actos por el Bienestar: Lara Costafreda / Diseño Social (Universidad Andrés Bello / Chile)


  • Creativity for social change (ISAD Instituto Superior de Arquitectura y Diseño / Mexico)
  • Creativity for social change (University of the Third Age – Girona University / Catalonia) 
  • Illustration for social change (Encontats Balaguer, kids illustration festival / Catalonia) 


  • Creativity for social change (Trimarchi / Argentina)
  • Creativity for social change (Universidad de Buenos Aires FADU /Argentina)
  • Lara Costafreda, creative awakening (TheCreativeFest19 / Barcelona)
  • Lara Costafreda: illustration and design for social change (Base / Barcelona)


  • Illustration that adds value (Launch Coworking / Santiago de Chile)
  • Talk with the illustrator Lara Costafreda (APECH, Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile) 
  • Opening talk of 5DD design festival (DUOC-UC / Santiago de Chile) 
  • Illustration and communication skills (Universidad de Valparaíso / Chile) 
  • Creative actions for Social Change (Sala Apolo / Barcelona) 
  • Lara Costafreda, illustration (Escola d’Art la Industrial /Barcelona) 


  • Lara Costafreda, illustration and branding (Alicante Fashion Week / Alacant) 
  • Case Studio with Lara Costafreda (Creatus Dominus 17 – Revodisseny Fest / Sant Cugat) 
  • Refugees and design as a tool for social change (Interferencies lectures series / BCN) 


  • Lara Costafreda brings us the world of fashion illustration (LCI / Barcelona) 


  • Business and Creativity (TACCA seminar / Association of illustrators of Catalonia) 


La Vanguardia, Diari Ara, Ànima (TV3), Time Out,, Metal Magazine, Lleida
TV, El País (S moda), Grá, Catalunya Ràdio,, Neo2, Woman Magazine, Glamour Magazine, etc.



  • Creative communication and strategies in fashion (Universitat Blanquerna / Barcelona)


  • Director at Postgraduate Degree in Creative Fashion (LCI / Barcelona) 
  • Creative communication and strategies in fashion (Universitat Blanquerna / Barcelona) 
  • Editorial illustration based on a book about the Spanish civil war (CCE + Trimarchi / Agentina)


  • Lecturer at Posgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion – Fashion illustration subject (LCI / Barcelona) 

2014 – 2019

  • Workshop Illustration and new trends in editorial, advertising and fashion (BAU / Barcelona) 


  • Fashion Illustration with Lara Costafreda (Editorial Gustavo Gili Market / Barcelona) 


  • Posgraduate in Fashion Accessories Design – Drawing subject (IED Barcelona)